The Young & The Restless

19:30 – 21:30 | Thursday | April 20 | Loft22 | Hong Kong | Get Tickets
Stories we can all relate to about the timeless dynamic of adolescents and adults caught in the coming of age whirlwind.

The Buzzer | Sergi Marti | Spain | 2015 | 2m 45s
John comes home after a long vacation.

A film for my grandparents | Tiffany Ng | Hong Kong | 2015 | 4m 5s
Capturing real instead of ideal: A preservation of the emotional and heartfelt stories of Grandma and Grandpa Ng.

White Tunnel | Chang Chin-Wei, Chien Lan-Chi | Taiwan | 2016 | 22m 23s
A taxi driver, four passengers, sisters and brother are going to visit their mother. As strangers. Chaos is in silence, in their minds, on the road.

Pickle | Amy Nicholson | USA | 2015 | 15m 20s
Pickle explores the human capacity to care for all creatures throughout their sometimes greatly protracted lives until their occasionally sudden and unfortunate deaths.

Postpartum | Emily Shapiro | USA | 2016 | 3m 50s
A material and spatial exploration of the immediate relationship between a mother and newborn.

Hurt | Moema Umann | USA | 2016 | 3m 41s
In an attempt to release the pain of a broken heart, a woman longs for a time when she was young and innocent.

Moriom | Mark Olexa | Switzerland | 2015 | 12m 0s
Summer 2014. Rural Bangladesh. “I came from Heaven. I came to destroy all bad things in the world. I’m a police officer. I’m a flower angel. I got a job at the police station. I will punish them. I will put them in jail.”. This is the story of a girl and the tragedy that changed her life.

My Life Planning | Ronnie Chau | Hong Kong | 2017 | 7m 46s
Young boys ponder Hong Kong cliches and prejudices.

Risky Game | Stefan Plepp & Christine Kabisch | Germany | 2016 | 11m 0s
Teenage Melanie gets beaten by her father when she has bad grades. When she fails completely in a test in physical science, she tries to blackmail her teacher. But he’s not the nerd she thinks he is. He has his own violent history. Who’s the victim, who’s the offender?

Artun | Gudmundur Arnar Guðmundsson | Iceland | 2015 | 21m 0s
Arnar, a boy from a small town, has never kissed a girl. His best friends tell him about girls in the city that get high and are easy to make out with when they smoke cigarettes. Arnar questions their story but decides to go with them to find out for himself.

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