The Darkness

23:00 – 01:00 | Saturday | April 22 | Loft22 | Hong Kong | Get Tickets
Tales from the Twilight featuring a stranger at your door, Shakespeare, a murderous geriatric, fake blonde thieves, a road movie with a domesticated alligator, men caged like canines, a defunct Christmas, murder and cupcakes, a fly-infested dinner in Dante’s Inferno, and a delightfully disturbing stop-motion animation gorefest.

All The World’s a Stage | Hannes Rall | Germany | 2016 | 1m 30s
An animated adaptation of the famous Shakespeare poem “All The World’s A Stage” narrated by the renowned Shakespeare actor and director Samuel West.

The blondes | Carlota Martínez Pereda | Spain | 2016 | 17m 0s
Blonde, stunning, criminals, nothing gets between Marta and Pepa and their goal. Except another blonde. Based on a true story.

George | David Coudyser | France | 2016 | 6m 0s
What would you do if a couple rang your doorbell and announced the arrival of George? Who is George? What’s more, who is this mysterious couple? This is what will happen to the unsuspecting Marion who, by opening her door, falls into a trap.

Me, Baby and the Alligator | Jean Faucher | Canada | 2016 | 10m 37s
A young couple lives in their old truck with a full sized alligator. When they stop to eat at a roadside cantina in rural Mexico, the Colonel who runs the town takes a threatening interest in the lady, which he comes to regret when he meets the couple’s travelling companion. The form is magic realism. The story is sung and narrated by the young man. Hand-drawn charcoal animation on paper.

Home Care Before Christmas | Viktor Hertz | Sweden | 2016 | 1m 0s
A dystopian look into the future of home help service.

Flies | Nadia Zygouri & Aris Pavlidis | Greece | 2016 | 6m 52s
Two people are feasting. They are disturbed by flies. Time draws to a close. The rude awakening occurs when they realise where they are currently standing.

Sweet Bite | Daniel Laget | Mexico | 2015 | 0m 47s
An interesting enigma. Sweet and short.

Death Barrel | Stefan Luciani | Canada | 2016 | 6m 55s
An elderly woman goes to extraordinary lengths to protect her garden.

Screaming Frog | Paul Scott | Canada | 2014 | 0m 30s
A screaming frog.

D is for Deloused | Robert Morgan | UK | 2014 | 4m 19s
A stop-motion animated short about a large bug that helps an executed man get revenge on his ghoulish killers.

Potestad | Ernesto Rowe | Portugal | 2015 | 11m 33s
A wealthy landowner fills up the loneliness of his days, by torturing his gardener for his own pleasure.

Naked Under The Leather | Lucas Sa | Brazil | 2014 | 20m 0s
She protects her flesh but the leather is peeling off.

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