Animation, It Ain’t Disney

18:00 – 20:00 | Friday | April 21 | Loft22 | Hong Kong | Get Tickets
Illusions of motion from around the world. A juxtaposition of the cuddly and the crooked, the innocent and the perverse, nothing like Frozen, more like Alladin on acid. A showcase of the diversity of the animation art form.

PAWO | Antje Heyn | Germany | 2015 | 7m 38s
PAWO (Tibetan for “being brave”) is the magical adventure of a little toy figure, who finds herself in a curious world. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strength and skills.

Haircut | Virginia Mori | France | 2015 | 8m 8s
A teacher and her pupil linger in an empty classroom. Through their looks and gestures, a strange confrontation begins.

Broken Communication | Greg Doble | Canada | 2016 | 2m 30s
Broken communication is an uneasy exchange.

Yachay | Anne Zwiener | Austria | 2015 | 6m 45s
People have the tendency to take whatever they want, regardless of the consequences. Maybe it’s without any bad intent, but unconsidered actions can lead to unexpected outcome. The short film Yachay– a Quechua word we could translate with “knowledge from the woods” – deals with the subject of being human.

Can I Wake You Up? | Paola Chen| Hong Kong | 2016 | 1m 29s
If you could, you would. But you know that it is unhealthy so you shouldn’t. “Can I Wake You Up?” is about unwanted thoughts. These are the thoughts of something you want, but cannot have. Therefore, you want to wake up and let them go.

Imagining Time | Jelena Sinik | Australia | 2015 | 1m 56s
Adapted from the poem ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’ by T. S. Eliot, Imagining Time is designed in a split-screen format. The animation combines notions of the disruption of the every day; magical realism and surrealism with the themes of isolation, introversion and passivity from the poem.

Dark Day | Jonathan Djob Nkondo | France | 2016 | 4m 0s
A surreal encounter between a regular man and a mysterious figure.

Made in Spain | Coke Riobóo | Spain | 2016 | 11m 0s
A miniature surrealist portrait of epic dimensions takes place on a sunny Spanish beach. Stop motion short made with scale H0 miniature figures.

(OTTO) | Job, Joris & Marieke | Netherlands | 2015 | 10m 0s
A woman who can’t have children steals the imaginary friend of a little girl and keeps this a secret from her husband. While the woman enjoys life with her imaginary child the gap between her and her husband grows bigger. When the little girl comes to claim back her imaginary friend, it’s the power of imagination that brings everyone together.

Vocabulary 1 | Becky James | USA | 2015 | 3m 51s
Juxtaposing charming animation with deft, innovative narrative construction, this unusual animation explores how we piece together narrative from the sources around us.

Junction | Nathan Jurevicius | Canada | 2015 | 7m 7s
A young girl from a family of ‘Face Changers’ takes a journey to a mountain to alter the direction of the wind.

Malgrin Debotté, The Story of the Boy with Magic Moles | Claire Brodelle, Cindy Kinadjian, Morgane Marinos, Clarisse Valeix | France | 2016 | 6m 8s
Under the neon lights of an electric city, a marginal young man is about to make an unusual encounter with a captivating female musician. It’s in the beats and vibrations of the body and the heart that those two characters will discover the strange law of attraction.

Pokey Pokey | Jake Zhang | Hong Kong | 2015 | 6m 43s
A father attempts to figure out the best way to protect his son from seeing the filth of the crime-ridden city, discussing the over-protection phenomenon of children and related social issues.

Who’s the daddy | Wong Ping | Hong Kong | 2017 | 9m 0s
A disgraceful man stumbled on the path of child-rearing, a journey of seeking the roots of his the shameful heart.

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