11:00 – 12:30 | Friday | April 21 | Loft22 | Hong Kong | Get Tickets
11:00 – 12:30 | Saturday | April 22 | Loft22 | Hong Kong | Get Tickets
Illusions of motion from around the world. Cute and cuddly with delightful twists. A showcase of the diversity of the animation art form. This program is put together especially for our younger audience.

PAWO | Antje Heyn | Germany | 2015 | 7m 38s
PAWO (Tibetan for “being brave”) is the magical adventure of a little toy figure, who finds herself in a curious world. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strength and skills.

Haircut | Virginia Mori | France | 2015 | 8m 8s
A teacher and her pupil linger in an empty classroom. Through their looks and gestures, a strange confrontation begins.

Broken Communication | Greg Doble | Canada | 2016 | 2m 30s
Broken communication is an uneasy exchange.

Vocabulary 1 | Becky James | USA | 2015 | 3m 51s
Juxtaposing charming animation with deft, innovative narrative construction, this unusual animation explores how we piece together narrative from the sources around us.

Dark Day | Jonathan Djob Nkondo | France | 2016 | 4m 0s
A surreal encounter between a regular man and a mysterious figure.

Junction | Nathan Jurevicius | Canada | 2015 | 7m 7s
A young girl from a family of ‘Face Changers’ takes a journey to a mountain to alter the direction of the wind.

Love | Réka Bucsi | Hungary | 2016 | 14m 35s
LOVE is a short film describing affection in 3 different chapters, through an impact on a distant solar system. Abstract haiku-like situations reveal the change in atmosphere on one planet, caused by the change of gravity and light. This pulsing planet makes the inhabitants become one with each other in various ways.

Begone Dull Care 2015 | Paul Johnson | UK | 2015 | 3m 48s
A re-imagining of 1949’s “Begone Dull Care”, this abstract animated short film features chiptune music and pixel-art, while maintaining the abstract spontaneity of the original. Created by 20-year animation industry veteran Paul Johnson between May and October of 2015 while on contract in Montreal.

(OTTO) | Job, Joris & Marieke | Netherlands | 2015 | 10m 0s
A woman who can’t have children steals the imaginary friend of a little girl and keeps this a secret from her husband. While the woman enjoys life with her imaginary child the gap between her and her husband grows bigger. When the little girl comes to claim back her imaginary friend, it’s the power of imagination that brings everyone together.

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