The 2016 Third Culture Film Festival had 6 themes blocks. Here are the trailers for each one.

Animation, It Ain’t Disney

Illusion of motion from around the world. Hand drawn, stop motion, 2D and 3D we have got it all.

Fairytales & Dystopia

A seductive Red Riding Hood, a raunchy Geppetto, a Hong Kong armageddon topped off with some straight up Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Food, Family, Kids, Parents

Familiar stories we can all relate too.

Love & Confusion

Stories about relationships in various forms and stages ranging from sweet to bitter.

The Realm of the Senses

Datamoshing, anti-animation, coincidental juxtapositions, neo-abstraction, virtual sculptures, moving paintings, stories of subversion, celebrations of the human body and gender bending.

The Darkness

Tales from the twilight, inhabited by hitmen, lovers, gangsters, spirit mediums, morticians in drag and people of the night.


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