For our inaugural edition we received close to 1800 films from over 60 countries. Of these 1800 films 70 were selected to be screened in 6 themed blocks.

Animation, It Ain’t Disney

Illusion of motion from around the world. Hand drawn, stop motion, 2D and 3D we have got it all.

False Allegory – Greg Doble
Das Katzenjammertal – Ara Jo
Religatio – Jaime Giraldo
Still – Yin Liu
Marius – Pierre-Julien Fieux
The 8-Bit Cup – Paul Johnson
Stop – Serdar Cotuk
#LINGO – Vicente Nirō
Followers – Gints Zilbalodis
The Little Match Girl – Kyoko Yamashita
Pianos – Aleksandr Kirienko
The Punishment – Nelson Fernandes
Haiku 4: STILL – Lyle Pisio
Fleischwelt – Ara Jo
Lose It – Fanny Bratahalim
Rita – Valery Yuzefovich
Ivan’s Need – Manuela Leuenberger, Veronica L. Montaño, Lukas Suter
Doggy Love – Wong Ping
The Horse Raised by Spheres – David O’Reilly
Fatvolution – Adam Ng Wei Sheng
You Are Not Alone – Yufeng Li
In a forest – Fons Schiedon

The Realm Of The Senses

Datamoshing, anti-animation, coincidental juxtapositions, neo-abstraction, virtual sculptures, moving paintings, stories of subversion, celebrations of the human body and gender bending.

Jussey, France 2009 – André Thijssen
Urban Conformation 31:41 – Rouzaud Cornabas Florian
To See More Light – Kurtis Hough
Oneiria – Jeroen Cluckers
All Rot – Max Hattler
Vitreous – Robert Seidel
Unhappy Happy – Peter Millard
Marionettes – Tamas Waliczky
Coordinated Movement – Michael Pelletier
Ratio – Murat SAYGINER
Victoria – Mathilde Marc
broken mirrors – Nacho Recio
Body Hair Archive – Dorothy Lee
Disobedience – Baris Alp
Doctor Pafke – Kris Verdonck
Stark Electric Jesus – Hyash Tanmoy

Fairytales & Dystopia

A seductive Red Riding Hood, a raunchy Geppetto, a Hong Kong armageddon topped off with some straight up Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Wolf – Nadan Pines
Sick To My Bones – NOMATTSLAND
Mischa – Remy Kooi
Into the Dark – Lukas Hassel
Zero M2 – Matthieu Landour
The Fisherman – Alejandro Suarez
Extreme Pinocchio – Pascal Chind

The Darkness

Tales from the twilight, inhabited by hitmen, lovers, gangsters, spirit mediums, morticians in drag and people of the night.

While You Lower Your Head – Anastasia Tsang
If they had eyes – Carlos Polo Menárguez
Up Route – Jordan Wippell
Insomnia – Bernardo Lima
Memories of a Hitman – Sebastian Vuye
Vivid – Guillaume Foresti
God’s Work – Joseph Angelakis
Zeitnot – Ernesto Rowe
Dark Bile – Nuno Sá Pessoa
The Stomach – Ben Steiner

Food, Family, Kids, Parents

Stories we can all relate to.

The Hose – Mansour Foruzesh
Microwave – Neil Champagne
Wayward (Rodløs) – Kira Richards Hansen
The Real American – Darya Zhuk
Familymeal – Park Soo-Min
Dawn – Leon Le
An Angry Man – Jannik Dahl Pedersen
The Chicken – Una Gunjak

Love & Confusion

Stories about relationships in various forms and stages ranging from sweet to bitter.

The Wheel – Menna Ekram
Emily`s Diary – Shu Zi
Mediation – Franciso Larite
An Unforgettable Day – Brian A. Crandall
Back hometown – Li Bin
Il Fascino di Chiamarsi Giulia – Samuele Alfani
And we’ll eat flowers (Barefoot on nettles) – Logic Paillard

Watch the individual block trailers here.

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