Max Hattler, creator of the award-winning short All Rot, has filed a lawsuit against Lorin Ashton – AKA Bassnectar. The lawsuit deals with the use of some of the German visual artist’s work in performances by Ashton. This was reported by, a leading publication for fans of the EDM genre. Although Ashton had failed to get permission from Hattler to use his art, the producer went ahead anyway and used visuals of Hattler’s Sync and 1923 aka Heaven.

Evidence of the copyright infrignement on Hattler's facebook

The EDM star apologised for the copyright infringement in April. He claimed he was unaware that the use of the visuals was unauthorised by Hattler. After acknowledging Hattler’s initial refusal, the DJ tried to make amends by offering a compensation. In a Facebook post on April 18, Bassnectar issued a “heartfelt apology” and said he’d “reached out personally to [Hattler] to make it right by him”; However in an article on Animation World Network, Hattler’s attorney Scott Burroughs stated that “there were communications regarding a resolution, but Ashton refused to acknowledge the true value of Dr. Hattler’s work, and the conversations did not prove fruitful.”

Hattler filed a lawsuit against Ashton on June 9, for enhanced damages and penalties in an amount to be established at trial.

As usual, on Facebook an army of Ashton’s fanboys – called Bassheads (or Nectarines if you prefer) – has jumped in to defend their hero, calling Hattler’s actions a cry for fame. Others have defended the lawsuit, calling Bassnectar out for ironically threatening to sue anyone who uses any of his own work.



We wish Max Hattler the best of luck in defending his work from copyright infringement.

On April 17, Max Hattler took home the Award for Best Abstract Film at Third Culture Film Festival. Check out our interview with him here
Take a look at Hattler’s website here

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